Airlines….we need to talk

To begin with let’s define what a web-check in is intended to be, it’s supposed to be a way for people to preregister for a flight in case you don’t want to document any luggage, it’s a great way for buisnessmen or casual fliers to travel easier and faster.

However when I went to get my ticket they told me I didn’t have a seat assigned since I hadn’t done the web-check in and was now on a waitlist…….they then tell me that PROFECO, an institution that protects the rights of consumers approves this. WTH if I already paid for my ticket and chose a seat then I guarantee you I will not last second cancel my flight!! what about this: If I am going to last second cancel I’ll tell you then you can make up an excuse not to give me a full refund and we go on with our lives….what? you now say that’s how it used to work before? Exactly don’t break something that was working before.

On top of that if you plan to make this mandatory don’t expect people to find it on your twitter or official site, if this is a new thing (for airlines this is less than 3 years) you will bug me about it insesantly, not send me an e-mail one day before remind me I “can” do this, instead of telling me on december 23 that I might have to take a fligh the next day if I’m lucky.

Le’ts be clear here, airlines may be allowed to do a lot of things that doesn’t mean they do them. Also I demand a reasonable explanation as to why it took you guys like 15 years to allow local use electronics, or recognize that airplane mode is a thing that exists, but more pointedly why can’t I use “headpohones” until we are 10,000ft up in the air (also why do we use feet for air travel in Mexico?). I know people in airlines have enough to worry about not to follow up on headphone technology so here is a summary of what changes have been done with headset/headphone technology:

  • Mute button is a given with handsfree.
  • Noise cancelling is no longer super expensive.
  • Wirelless headphones use bluetooth local only, and cannot interact with the plane in any way.

Just to conclued I’d actually like to congratulate you as on this flight  I was not woken up to be offered soda & cheap peanuts.


Warframe Review

Warframe is the epitome of free-2-play action games on pc, (ok it’s also on xbox one…but you need gold there). The game plays as a 3rd person shooter/slasher similar to metar gear rising or splinter cell, the game can pace itself differently depending on the type of mision, from your kill everyone guns blazing to the infiltrator type mission where stealth and melee weapons rule.


The game has a great number of stages across multiple planets, with new types of missions being incorporated as the game continues to develop. Enough continuity across new bosses and missions to give a sense of progression but within the limits of an MMO, to say there is no explanation as to why bosses keep respawning for example.

Type of missions

  • Defense: You and your team must defend an area, chaos ensures as small areas and strategies come into play.
  • Controll: 4 objectives to contest with AI’s, a cool combination of defense and taking advantage of movements to keep the controll of all areas.
  • Exterminate: Literally kill everyone.
  • Capture: Find all designated hidden targets and take them into custody.
  • Sabotage: Destory/hack a specific structure.
  • Assassination: This are your boss missions, big, scary and epic.

**The new wing system allows for all of the above in space with new guns, enemies and awesome.


  • Guns: Lots of them, like really a lot.
    • Primaries
    • Secondaries
    • Melee
  • Pets: Breed and raise your own dog-like creatures to help in combat.
  • Droids: Mechanichal companions, less sturdy but don’t have a time limit like pets.
  • Wings: New sets
    • Wings
    • Range Weapons
    • Melee


The guild system allows for the creation of dojo’s where guild memebers can contribute and grow together to research new weapons, mods and other technologies.

Movement system

The game offers a verstile ninja parqour movement system which allows for long jumps, high jumps, wallclimbing, wallruning, walljumping and localized bullettime to shoot while in mid-air. The movement system is regularly upgraded and keeps on getting more and more diverse.

Last but not least the warframes

The big customization in the game is the armor (warframe), each armor basiclly can translate into it’s own individual class, each one of them possesses different abilities as well as varied degrees of health and armor.

Coordination between teammates is key as of who wears what warframe both for growth and progress. Each warframe has it’s own level and different playstyles, having a good diversity of warfrmaes for different situations is the key to completing different types of objectives.


Warframe is a great game that unfortunately wants to remain as an MMO, an aspect that thankfully is easily ignorable and can be ignored completly. The game is mostly enjoyed with a group of friends but the community is diverse enough that it’s still safe to join random rooms. With events and challenges to boot warframe is a game that can easily absorve you and be a great stress relief once the player grows to a higher tier.

We need to talk Public Transport

So I have been working for close to three months at a location that requires me to spend roughly 3 hours a day in public transport, and that’s okay big cities have this disadvantage, however I do believe that some changes in the public transport system in mexico city are needed. Now this letter will talk about the public transport as a whole and evil bus drivers, so don’t take it personal if it seems that I blame you for small issues that are more the whole system’s fault than yours.

First off is the basics, busses stop on the second corner of a street not the second, and while it is more the people’s fault for being too lazy to walk a block or backtrack some meters, that doesn’t justify the fact that you always stop for them, this causes lots of accidents and trafic daily so stop it. On that vein also stop jampacking every bus to the brim, your bus drivers keep packing the bus way past the regulation, at least 20 people standing and they still stop for more people, for clarification buses in mexico city are for the most part not big compared to standard buses.

You are old, like in the sense that all this “infrastructure” was established a long time ago, as were the purchse orders for your buses, seriouslt one time there was a hole like all below me with like a piece of cardboard covering it.

Another issue to address is that people are bigger now than back when this pieces of scrap were new, people are bigger, both on the tall and wide sense. I have long legs which means if I get a seat a lot of times I’m practicly squating because I don’t fit, and well wide people have all sorts of issues. Which brings me to another point, don’t let people ride public transport with luggage, I don’t mean actual luggage but people get on your buses with huge crates and barrels, backpacks are ok and even groceries since it’s a city….but a big crate full of tomatoes?!

Most of this issues however come down to money and I do realize that people will not tolerate rise of prices to cover expenses, seriously I get people here march for everything I don’t want to the city wide protest for raising the price $0.5 cents (to american reader this is less than a like 3 pennies).

Hope you improve.

We need to talk Microsoft

So just got my new pc with windows 10, yep i’ll just….wait why is everything so slow, why is my disk at 95% in task manager….OMG did I cheap out on the hard drive….nop just windows update.

Ever since you released windows 8.1 and you realized you were still giving support to xp you have been set on one goal: Homogenize the pc environment, now that’s good, really but please don’t make it mandatory. One of the big things you had done right since 7 was the efficiency of updates and my favorite part the ability to pause downloads, because right now on windows 10 there is no way to do this unless I manually deem my network as limited which if my laptop is any evidence it is useless.

Also it seems you have the wrong idea that people leave their pcs on at overnight and while they are at work, well while some might do I know this can shorten my pcs life so I don’t so I find it pretty annoying when I get back from work am going to hook up and play online only to find an immediate update, my network screaming as it is downloading a huge update (which I cannot pause as previously stated) or it being overworked because it’s installing an OS update which you guys treat like the service packs of old with the whole huge install as if I’m reinstalling windows, but do them every other week.

Now I’m not here just to complain here’s a solution for you, code in a new low powered mode, you know like the one you use for the Xbox One, that way you can restart overnight and install as many useless updates as you want and pause all that garbage while I’m at home hoping to relieve stress. On that note if there are updates available to download please start downloading as soon as the pc gets access to the internet and until I input my password, this will save time for both of us and I’m sure it will help a lot of people.

Hoping some of this gets read by someone with an input in the matter for your next upate.

Pathfinder update

First off, no this project isn’t dead, in fact there is still a session in the can, however since we are all supposed to do real jobs right now, coordinating our schedules is becoming harder, so far only 2 sessions have been recorded, and to be honest session 2 hasn’t been edited, and while i might be accused of laziness, it’s actually because last time i tried to edit all 4 audiotracks together my computer kind of overheated and I lost all but the original files. However I finally got my new desktop which means I can edit it and more importantly expand the games I can capture as well as the quality of the videos.


Okay so pathfinder is not cancelled but what is, is the podcast, there are no real accesible hosting options available and so the podcast is no longer viable. Having said that all the final audio files from the sessions are kept so if the situation changes this might change.

The Great Port Session 1 Part 1.- 3 weird guys

First episode in our game of pathfinder.

Wanna see the rolls and the board, go see the video feed over at the channel for the full experience that also supports the content created and will move for better equipment.

The gang and I decide to take on the challenge of pathfinder, as in after a year I am finally running my game and they agree to play with it.

All of the content here is obtained from content in the regular paizo public database, there is much more content fo the system, if you wish to support the system please get the oficial content from the oficial paizo store.

Movie Review: Mockingjay Part 1

       For some reason I decided to go see this movie despite my best judgement, meaning I went on opening weekend, however the experience was nice and I will try to convey how this movie performed without giving away any spoilers.

On regards to what the movie covers, it certainlly does a better a job than the book, out of the 3 books, mockingjay was definetly the one I liked the least. The movie certainly seems to have a good story and definetly holds up high regarding the acting.

The one complaint I have towards this movie is that it clearly was written as a two parter, I understand that the makers want to express book movies as completly as posible, without cutting away chuncks from the book, but still the pacing is all broken down, and having read the book it is clear that the big climax has been completely saved up for part 2. Similar to how the Hobbit did it, it was a lot more subtle in this movie than on the Hobbit case, and I’m not crazy enough to try to research the Twilight final movie, but I hope that if this trend continues they shorten the release between both parts.

My recommendation is to watch this movie definetly, but if you can wait untill the next one you should and watch this one before, hopefully it will have come out before part 2 hits the theathers.